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pacs system

PACS (Medical Image Communication and Archiving System) is a medical imaging technology that provides storage and access to digital images obtained by imaging methods and has become a vital tool for radiologists.

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Queuing and queue management system

One of the most important issues in centers that provide services to people is the issue of setting up a suitable queue management system for clients.

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Electronic Health Record

Electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) is a collection of demographic, therapeutic, health and care information of patients and the general public that is stored in digital format.

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Business intelligence dashboards in universities of medical sciences

A business intelligence dashboard is actually information management and visualization, which is used for data analysis.

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Electronic health system

Electronic health means the integration of medical information and services with the latest information and communication technology.

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دانشکده مجازی

virtual teaching

One of the most efficient ways to train and transfer knowledge among employees is to create a virtual training system.

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اسکن مدارک و اسناد

Medical Record Scan (MRS)

Today, scanning medical records is the fastest and most effective way to convert large volumes of paper medical records into digital file archives.

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Fax Server

A fax server is a system capable of receiving incoming faxes, sending faxes and distributing faxes in a computer network.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

LIS (Laboratory Information System) is an IT solution to address the challenges of laboratory monitoring, automation and data management.

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